Dassel's Petroleum in denial

Dassel’s refuses to admit they screwed up, have a customer service problem, or that they even have ANY dissatisfied customers. They have thousands of happy customers, I can’t possibly be unhappy. This is all a figment of my imagination…

Yeah, right.

They seem to think the way to take care of unhappy customers is to ignore them and continue with business as usual.

And if you’re too vocal they threaten to sue for harassment.

It looks like this battle is going to be going on for some time and I don’t feel that the Lompico Community Center website is appropriate for this, so I have set up this site dedicated to the issue.

3 Responses to “Dassel's Petroleum in denial”

  1. mntnman says:

    Man that really bites

    You’d think that since they own the tank and regulator they would have an obligation to make sure they were working and to test them if there were any question.

    Amerigas, who isn’t known for great customer service, will even come out and test for leaks.

    Thanks for the warning!


  2. danceswithgeeks says:

    Alas, this seems to be the norm with many companies today.

    It used to be that it was all about customer service (remember Service Stations? Now they’re just Gas Stations).

    Most smaller family based companies provide better, and more complete, service than the larger companies do. Unfortunately, in the case of Dassel’s Petroleum this appears to not be the case.

    Dassel’s does a decent job pumping gas but if you want “service” you’re going to have to look elsewhere.


  3. jimmy says:

    Companies like this should be driven out of business. This is no way to treat ANY customer. -Jim

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