Lots of talk, but still no answers….

Originally posted October 1st, 2008 on www.lompicocc.org

Funny, I seem to recall reading in that email from you I posted, “how about you post the email i sent before this?”.

I take that as permission to post your emails. And since the email header, which contains the sender information, is considered part of an email it also implies that that, too, may by published.

NOTE: As I have explained to Dassel’s, I did not intend to use my connection with the Lompico Community Center and the Lompico Community to influence this issue. It would not have been professional nor fair. I want to make sure that everyone that reads these posts is clear that Dassel’s employees made the connection on their own and decided to make it public knowledge. My posts have been from a regular user account. Any statements or opinions expressed are mine alone and do not reflect the position of the Lompico Community Center.

But to get back to the real issues…

Most businesses think they have few dissatisfied customers because most do not complain. Studies have indicated that the average business doesn’t hear from 96% of it’s unhappy customers. For every complaint received the average business has another 26 customers with problems, at least 6 of which are serious.

I keep hearing about how good Dassel’s customer service is, how they have many happy customers, how they try to help, how I was a terrible customer, etc, etc. But I’ve yet to hear ANYTHING that addresses my complaints

1. Why, when I paid ~1/4 of my bill and sent an email AND letter trying to work something out, did you cut me off like you did?
You say you never received either. Well, I received a reply to my email stating that it had been received and forwarded
to the proper department. I also doubt my letter was lost in the mail. More likely it was lost by someone at Dassel’s.

2. Why do you say the first you heard about removing the tank was on Saturday when I called and emailed on Thursday canceling
the account and demanding the tank be removed by EOD Friday?

3. Why where subsequent emails asking about the $190 entry on my bill and my discovery that there was indeed a problem with
Dassel’s equipment ignored. Why has it taken these public posts on the Internet to get a response from Dassel’s?

4. Why, on several occasions, was my request to check the equipment refused when I suspected there was a problem somewhere?

If nothing else it sounds to me like you have serious communication and record keeping problems within Dassel’s.

The forth item shows a complete lack of concern about the quality of service you provide to your customers.

Duane Davis

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