This is a horrible company

September 1st, 2014

This is a horrible company. If they do,not get payed fast enough they make you pay up front that’s okay, But they charge one extra dollar don’t tell you so you get 300 gallons pay 300 more $ than every their competitors, They are extremely rude on the phone, make threats to pick up your tank if you are a couple days late on the rent of the rent of the tank. Quite frankly this company does not even deserve one star! Go else where for propane! Hank Hill would never approve!!

Sherry W. – Felton, CA


September 1st, 2014

I called to get a quote for service, and the person on the phone was so rude I practically hung up on her. No idea how their delivery service compares to others, and I guess I never will.

Disappointed, since a friend recommended them. 2 stars because this guy generally has good recommendations.

K.N. – Chicago, Il

Do not use this company

September 1st, 2014

Do not use this company.  Our experience has been terrible terrible.  We had a large tank that we rarely had to fill up.  Because of the long period of dormancy, they indicated they had deleted our account (really??).  In any event, I said – ok let’s get the account active again so that we can get a delivery.  The person indicated on three (3) separate occasions that she would follow-up to get things straightened out.  No call backs / no follow-up.  Just left fourth message (voicemail) – Now we just want the tank removed so that we can get another provider etc. (I am sure the tank removal will probably take another 6 months or so – given the response time that we have experienced.

Sadly – we used them for 10 years prior to this without incident.  I do not know what is going on with this company – but my advice is to use another supplier – these guys appear to be in chaos, based upon our experience.

Mike S. – San Jose, CA


February 24th, 2014

VERY DISAPPOINTED. I have been a long time customer but the other day their driver caught my phone and TV lines on his truck and tore them off. I was not home was told by a nearby resident that it sounded like an explosion when the lines were torn off the house. The driver just drove away. He apparently went down the street and finished his business and on the way back he inspected the damage and then just drove off again. At that time I got a call that nearby resident that there were lines down in my driveway and across the street. I had to break a date with my girlfriend and drive from Los Gatos to Aptos in rush hour traffic to access the damages and to correct my wire situation so my tenants could park and could get into their house.

By that time I had called the company to see what what they had to say. Finally they called me back and was told that they were waiting too hear from the driver so they could sort things out. Finally they got back to me and admitted that their driver had done it and said to call them if there were any damages.

Several days later, after I have fixed most of the damage, I called Dassels up and asked for $50 for my time, energy gas and the loss of the night with my Gal. I thought $50 dollars was minuscule for what I had gone through. I left it on a recorder thinking someone would call me back shortly and apologize and agree to my suggestion.

Over a week later, and no call, I paid the full bill and told them to end my service. That they had put me to a substantial amount of trouble and no one had even returned my call.

A couple days later, I did receive a call and was pleasantly told taking money off a bill was not their policy. I told him, also pleasantly that I suspected that I could find someone who wanted my business more than they did.

So just to wrap this up. Their driver, tore wires off my house, was aware of it and left without a word to anyone. If it hadn’t been for a phone call form a friend, I don’t believe I would ever have known what had happened. I had to break a date and drive to Aptos during rush hour traffic to resolve the damage they caused. I asked for minor compensation for the damage and trouble they caused and was basically told that compensation for driver caused damages was not their companies policy.

I appreciate other peoples reviews of products and companies and it is for this reason I write this review. I want to let others know that I believe this company lacks integrity and that I would not consider these guys reasonable or responsive. I would not do business with them again if they paid me.

I am a big fan of “Buyer Beware”. I have now done what I consider, my civic duty to warn other potential buyers of Dassels service or lack thereof.

Ken B.
Aptos, CA

Dassels: You can EXPLODE or FREEZE

February 24th, 2014

I recently spoke to a Dassels commercial customer and was told that Dassels policy, with regard to leaks, is now to come and lock off your tank. You then have to hire someone to come fix the leak before Dassels will come back out and turn your gas back on.

These people were borderline RUDE to me…

January 31st, 2013

These people were borderline RUDE to me on the phone. I only asked if they would deliver propane to my motor home…they treated me like I was from Mars saying "we don’t deliver to anything on wheels". And when I asked where they were located so i could go pick it up she didn’t even know where they were in respect to where i was. Even though their ad said they serviced my area. I’ll never go to them for anything again.


Don’t trust this people

January 31st, 2013

No good service at all try them and let me know what do you think thank you


Dassel’s Petroleum “so rude I practically hung up”

January 31st, 2013

I called to get a quote for service, and the person on the phone was so rude I practically hung up on her. No idea how their delivery service compares to others, and I guess I never will.

Disappointed, since a friend recommended them. 2 stars because this guy generally has good recommendations.

K.N – Chicago, IL

Horrible customer service

January 31st, 2013

Horrible customer service from Alisa and no way to report a complaint to the company.

We had our tank filled at a vacation home and were told by the service man that, because only the stove runs on propane, the tank would likely last 2+ years.    Because it’s not a primary residence and we weren’t expecting further service (considering that we hardly use any propane) we weren’t expecting regular service fillings (normally for a total of $7) with a 10 day due date and no further bills to the billing address until we are already incurring late fees.

I called to ask that they not automatically fill our tank, but never received a response, so when I sent a check, I wrote a note ON THE BILL ITSELF asking that they not automatically fill our tank without sending a bill to the billing address (since it’s not the same as the service address and the guy didn’t even put the bill on the door, he left it up by the road on the ground) and my check (with the billing address on it) was returned saying that they could not apply it to our account because they could not find the account number or address, even though I had included both.

Either they are employing people with little common sense or they are in business to rip you off with late fees and bad credit reporting (over $7 worth of propane) if you don’t need regular service –either way it’s the worst customer service we have ever received.

Highly recommend you avoid!!

Pat M. – Los Gatos, CA

You are out of luck with Dassel’s Petroleum

January 31st, 2013

I would not use this propane company they allow you to prorate you bill then they will ask for the full amount when they are hurting for funds. They will threaten you with locking off your tank if you dont pay up even though you had previous arrangements with them. And if you run out and and have a senor citizen at your home they DONT CARE AT ALL AND TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK UNTIL THEY ARE IN YOUR AREA AGAIN OR THEY CAN COME IF YOU PAY THEM 500 DOLLARS.


T.ruth G. – Boulder Creek, CA