Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service from Alisa and no way to report a complaint to the company.

We had our tank filled at a vacation home and were told by the service man that, because only the stove runs on propane, the tank would likely last 2+ years. ¬† ¬†Because it’s not a primary residence and we weren’t expecting further service (considering that we hardly use any propane) we weren’t expecting regular service fillings (normally for a total of $7) with a 10 day due date and no further bills to the billing address until we are already incurring late fees.

I called to ask that they not automatically fill our tank, but never received a response, so when I sent a check, I wrote a note ON THE BILL ITSELF asking that they not automatically fill our tank without sending a bill to the billing address (since it’s not the same as the service address and the guy didn’t even put the bill on the door, he left it up by the road on the ground) and my check (with the billing address on it) was returned saying that they could not apply it to our account because they could not find the account number or address, even though I had included both.

Either they are employing people with little common sense or they are in business to rip you off with late fees and bad credit reporting (over $7 worth of propane) if you don’t need regular service –either way it’s the worst customer service we have ever received.

Highly recommend you avoid!!

Pat M. – Los Gatos, CA


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