Dassels – which is BY FAR THE WORST EVER!!!

I actually found this comment in a review of another propane company:

I cant stand this whole industry and these guys just add to the crap pile.

I have gone through just about every service – Suburban, Pacific, and recently Dassels – which is BY FAR THE WORST EVER!!!

So I call these guys and the lady tells me “we do not take customers from each other”  WTF??  So you are all in it together to cheat and conspire against the customer??

OK, so you dont want my business?  I dont get to choose who delivers to my property?  Ya right, I choose NOT YOU!

This whole industry is like used car dealers… everyone of them are shady.


It lead me to this one by the same person:

If there were negative stars I would have used them.

STAY AWAY!!  Horrible customer service.  My tank arrives a year ago – it’s too small/not what I ordered.  The gauge does not work and never did. and although the driver is nice – Jan in billing and the other goon mgr. in Dispatch are completely incompetent.

I pay them thousands of dollars throughout the year and only once was overdue but most of the time they owed ME a balance.  Still they call non stop every month to “collect” money – if it is more than 30 days out – and I am talking 4-5 times a day!

They will not fill your tank if you are not home standing by the tank with a check from the previous month’s fill.  Seriously!

I watched the guy show up at my property yesterday with a truck full of gas.  I owe $400 for the last fill on 1-6-12 (30 days ago) – so I go to get my checkbook – as he walks to my EMPTY, broken tank… I open the door to go up the driveway to pay him, and then he just drives away – didn’t even come to the door.  Didn’t deliver any gas.

“Oh, our drivers do not go to the door” says Jan in billing, when I call.  I tell her this is the last mistake of a long line of them throughout the year – bad install, bad deliveries, aggressive billing reminder calls, no gas if you have a balance, broken equipment,  they charge too much for annual tank rental fee, they couldn’t care less.

I tell her I want to cancel – and she threatens to sue me!   This lady just does not get it and is completely annoying.

DASSELLS IS BY FAR THE WORST SERVICE COMPANY IN SANTA CRUZ (btw – they are not in Santa Cruz, they have one truck in SV – they are in Hollister – where apparently they have been huffing a few too many fumes off the reserves



This sounds a lot like my experiences with Dassel’s and, since this is a very recent posting, it appears Dassel’s is doing NOTHING to try to improve their service.

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