Dassels Petroleum Just Doesn't Care

So, it’s been over a year now since my problems with Dassels and not once have they attempted to contact me to resolve the problems I had or to even get details on the issue.

I’ve chatted with several others that have had problems with Dassels Petroleum, some who have posted their experiences and some that have not.

The one thingĀ  in common with every single one is Dassels complete indifference to the problem.

Customers that complain are ignored, blown off, or told they can go somewhere else if they don’t like the service. Dassels wouldn’t even respond to me until I posted my experiences to the Internet and then it was only to threaten and lie.

Dassels just doesn’t care!

I’ve also heard from people that say they’ve been customers of Dassels Petroleum for years and have never had a problem. I’m sure most customers don’t have problems. I just hope these people never do because, chances are, they’re going to be treated with indifference also.

Dassels may have pretty good service, but problem resolution doesn’t exist.

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