Another customer says “NO” to Dassel’s!

February 23rd, 2012

Found this one at: Posted 12/13/2011.

When we first moved to the Los Gatos area, we notice a bumper sticker prominently placed on a road side sign which read:
Little did we know, until we moved and parted ways . . .
Five months later, &  not returning  calls did I finally reach Jennifer, where I was told I would NOT be receiving our promised refund on Gas that we PAID FOR but DIDN’T use.  ”Service Charge?”  ”We didn’t live there long enough?” “Charge to drain the Tank?”  Wow!
The upside to this whole experience?  None.
Try Pacific Propane Instead!
Just say NO to Dassel’s!


Dassels – which is BY FAR THE WORST EVER!!!

February 23rd, 2012

I actually found this comment in a review of another propane company:

I cant stand this whole industry and these guys just add to the crap pile.

I have gone through just about every service – Suburban, Pacific, and recently Dassels – which is BY FAR THE WORST EVER!!!

So I call these guys and the lady tells me “we do not take customers from each other”  WTF??  So you are all in it together to cheat and conspire against the customer??

OK, so you dont want my business?  I dont get to choose who delivers to my property?  Ya right, I choose NOT YOU!

This whole industry is like used car dealers… everyone of them are shady.

It lead me to this one by the same person:

If there were negative stars I would have used them.

STAY AWAY!!  Horrible customer service.  My tank arrives a year ago – it’s too small/not what I ordered.  The gauge does not work and never did. and although the driver is nice – Jan in billing and the other goon mgr. in Dispatch are completely incompetent.

I pay them thousands of dollars throughout the year and only once was overdue but most of the time they owed ME a balance.  Still they call non stop every month to “collect” money – if it is more than 30 days out – and I am talking 4-5 times a day!

They will not fill your tank if you are not home standing by the tank with a check from the previous month’s fill.  Seriously!

I watched the guy show up at my property yesterday with a truck full of gas.  I owe $400 for the last fill on 1-6-12 (30 days ago) – so I go to get my checkbook – as he walks to my EMPTY, broken tank… I open the door to go up the driveway to pay him, and then he just drives away – didn’t even come to the door.  Didn’t deliver any gas.

“Oh, our drivers do not go to the door” says Jan in billing, when I call.  I tell her this is the last mistake of a long line of them throughout the year – bad install, bad deliveries, aggressive billing reminder calls, no gas if you have a balance, broken equipment,  they charge too much for annual tank rental fee, they couldn’t care less.

I tell her I want to cancel – and she threatens to sue me!   This lady just does not get it and is completely annoying.

DASSELLS IS BY FAR THE WORST SERVICE COMPANY IN SANTA CRUZ (btw – they are not in Santa Cruz, they have one truck in SV – they are in Hollister – where apparently they have been huffing a few too many fumes off the reserves


This sounds a lot like my experiences with Dassel’s and, since this is a very recent posting, it appears Dassel’s is doing NOTHING to try to improve their service.


I’m Lovin it (Not being ripped off by Dassel’s Petroleum)

January 20th, 2012

So it’s been a while since I last posted and I’ve gotten a better idea what my usage is now.

Turns out the tank I bought is 120 Gallons. The tank I had from Dassel’s was 250 Gallons.

A fill has been lasting me about twice as long with a tank half the size


A pain in the ass or peace of mind

July 24th, 2010

So, I acquired a 250 gallon tank and recently set up an account with Amerigas.

Amerigas requires a leak test on the whole system before they will fill the tank the first time. Previously I would have thought of this as just a pain in the ass but after my experience with Dassel’s Petroleum I’m glad to pay the small fee and put up with the delay just for the piece of mind.

Amerigas even made some recommendations to improve my propane system. They pointed out a couple old grease valves which, though they weren’t leaking now, were prone to leakage. It was easy, and cheap, enough for me to replace them with new gas ball valves. They also recommended a newer regulator set saying the old two-stage regulator I had would be hard pressed providing enough flow to my stand-by generator. So, I had them upgrade the regulator and also completely re-valve my tank.

All Dassel’s Petroleum ever did was fill the tank. They showed none of the concern Amerigas, and I imagine most other propane suppliers, shows when it comes to leaks.


Dassel's Petroleum Sucks… But don't all propane suppliers suck?

March 5th, 2010

It’s true that as an industry propane suppliers don’t rate very high in customer satisfaction.

However, I have found one local supplier that appears to really take care of it’s customers…

Pacific Propane

Not only is Pacific Propane the only local supplier with an A rating with the Better Business Bureau but I was unable to find ANY online complaints about them.


Negligence suits against Dassel's Petroleum

December 19th, 2009

I may just contact the plaintiff attorneys in these cases to see if my testimony might help.

I can verify Dassel’s Petroleum’s complete lack of action or concern regarding propane leaks.


Dassel's Petroleum Sued for Propane Tank Explosion that kills man

December 11th, 2009

Found this on the Fresno Superior Court web site.

Maybe it’s time to create a “” site ;)

I’ve included relevant sections below:

On May 11, 2007 an explosion occurred at Harris
Farms, Inc. located at 21960 S. Fresno-Coalinga Highway
in Coalinga.  The  explosion caused the death of
Alfonso Quevedo
It also caused substantial
to adjacent property owned by Harris-Woolf
California Almonds.    The  explosion  was
allegedly caused by the leaking of a propane tank
just after re-fueling.

On January 9, 2009 Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance
Company, the insurer for Harris Farms filed a complaint
in  subrogation  against  Dassel’s Petroleum, Inc. as Case
No. 09 CECG 00071.  The insurer is seeking to recover
the sum of $2,165,874.62, representing the amount it
paid to its insured for damages incurred to the real and
personal property caused by the explosion. This case is
set for trial on June 14, 2010.  On April 29, 2009 the heirs
of Alfonso Quevedo filed a complaint against Harris Fresh,
Inc., Harris Farms, Inc. and Dassel’s Petroleum, Inc. as Case
No. 09 CECG 01486.  That complaint alleges causes of
action for negligence against both Harris  Farms  and
premises liability against Harris Farms alone and
“survivorship” against both Harris Farms and Dassel’s.
A trial date has not been set in that case.


Dassels Petroleum Just Doesn't Care

December 4th, 2009

So, it’s been over a year now since my problems with Dassels and not once have they attempted to contact me to resolve the problems I had or to even get details on the issue.

I’ve chatted with several others that have had problems with Dassels Petroleum, some who have posted their experiences and some that have not.

The one thing  in common with every single one is Dassels complete indifference to the problem.

Customers that complain are ignored, blown off, or told they can go somewhere else if they don’t like the service. Dassels wouldn’t even respond to me until I posted my experiences to the Internet and then it was only to threaten and lie.

Dassels just doesn’t care!

I’ve also heard from people that say they’ve been customers of Dassels Petroleum for years and have never had a problem. I’m sure most customers don’t have problems. I just hope these people never do because, chances are, they’re going to be treated with indifference also.

Dassels may have pretty good service, but problem resolution doesn’t exist.


Dassel's Petroleum Pisses on another customer

August 4th, 2009


Mark T.
Santa Cruz, CA

I used Dassel’s Petroleum for years and thought they were the best…

Until I had a problem with my service. I called and they blew me off, telling me that if I didn’t like it I could cancel my service and go somewhere else.


Another complaint about Dassel's Petroleum

July 17th, 2009

This one was posted today at

John F.
San Jose, CA

stay far away from dassel’s petroleum

The only time you should even consider using these guys is if they were the last propane supplier on the planet, and even then I’m not so sure.

High priced. Service is practically non-existent, and what service they do provide is spotty.

They’re rude to customers, even abusive at times… putting customers off on refills, unwilling to work with customers with financial problems. Refuses to test/repair equipment, etc.

Check out some of the other sites on the internet about them. I’m not the only one.