Dassel’s Petroleum borderline RUDE


These people were borderline RUDE to me…

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Posted by Thom13 on 12/15/2011

These people were borderline RUDE to me on the phone. I only asked if they would deliver propane to my motor home…they treated me like I was from Mars saying “we don’t deliver to anything on wheels”. And when I asked where they were located so i could go pick it up she didn’t even know where they were in respect to where i was. Even though their ad said they serviced my area. I’ll never go to them for anything again.

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  1. charles says:

    i am fairly new here and my experience with Dassels has been nothing but BAD.

    The company is charging twice for the same product…i.e. gas that was in my tank when i rented a house. They said they gave a rebate to owner who initially bought the gas, then they charged me. But owners have never received anything from Dassels.
    Then i have an invoice from them marked paid for tank rental and they are not honoring that.

    The people i am dealing with in the collections office are unreasonable and appear to be basically incompetent.

    Then of course there are the threatening letters…i.e.

    “if you don’t pay by……”

    Well I am investigating who in Sacramento I can file a complaint with and of course contatcting my local representative.

    I will cook on my camping stove before i buy another gallon of gas from Dassels.
    What a terrible way to do business.

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