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A pain in the ass or peace of mind

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

So, I acquired a 250 gallon tank and recently set up an account with Amerigas.

Amerigas requires a leak test on the whole system before they will fill the tank the first time. Previously I would have thought of this as just a pain in the ass but after my experience with Dassel’s Petroleum I’m glad to pay the small fee and put up with the delay just for the piece of mind.

Amerigas even made some recommendations to improve my propane system. They pointed out a couple old grease valves which, though they weren’t leaking now, were prone to leakage. It was easy, and cheap, enough for me to replace them with new gas ball valves. They also recommended a newer regulator set saying the old two-stage regulator I had would be hard pressed providing enough flow to my stand-by generator. So, I had them upgrade the regulator and also completely re-valve my tank.

All Dassel’s Petroleum ever did was fill the tank. They showed none of the concern Amerigas, and I imagine most other propane suppliers, shows when it comes to leaks.