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Questions from a reader

Monday, April 27th, 2009

So, have you gotten any further response from dassels?

Nope. I have not heard a thing from them since I paid off my bill. Apparently all they care about is the money even if the way they earned it was questionable. They could care less about customer satisfaction from what I’ve seen.

Im still trying to figure out their saying your tank caused the increased usage. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Yes, that statement defies all logic. Specially when my usage DROPPED when I switched to my own tanks and regulator. For someone that has worked for Dassels as long as she says she has she sure is clueless about the products/services her employer provides.

Is your usage really that much lower than when you had dassels service?

YES! Dramatically lower. Since cancelling my service I am going through a 5 gallon bottle in about a week. Compare that to a 250 gallon tank that was being filled every couple months.

At 85% fill capacity (Space has to be left for expansion) the 250 gallon tank should hold about 212.5 gallons of propane. The 5 gallon tank should hold about 4.25 gallons.

I can go 50 weeks on what I was buying from Dassels every couple months. I am now paying retail (Gas station) prices, plus sales tax, and still coming out way ahead.

The only other thing that’s changed is that I cannot run my generator. It pulls propane too fast and causes the bottles to freeze up. But then the generator wasn’t run that often. It exercises 10 minutes a week but at 1 gallon per hour at no-load that only adds one gallon every 6 weeks to my usage.

Other than that I only use propane for the water heater and stove. A wood stove is my primary heat source.