Dassle's Petroleum – Dishonest or just incompetent

Originally posted 2008-09-24 21:04:26 -0800 on www.lompicocc.org

So, I canceled my service and demanded that they remove their tank within two days.

They didn’t. So I had to haul it out to the street myself.

A few weeks later I get another bill with an additional charge of $190.00. If anything the balance should have gone down since I’d only used a few months of my tank rental for the year.

I sent them an email asking what the charge was for…

No response.

I also noticed over the next couple months that I’m using a fraction of the gas that I was, supposedly, using under my dassel’s account. I’m talking a BIG difference. Even though I’m now paying a higher per gallon price plus paying sales tax I’m spending 1/4 to 1/5 what I was with Dassel’s.

The ONLY thing that’s changed is the tank and the regulator, both property of Dassel’s. And, since they took them back I have no way of proving that they were defective. Though they still could have been charging me for propane I never received.

I’d suspected that my usage was abnormal and had called them a couple times asking if they could check it. Their response, “We don’t provide that service”.

I sent them a message about this too….

Again, no response.

Their lack of response leads me to believe that they were aware of this and were intentionally ripping me off… Or maybe they are just incompetent.

Either way, this is not qood customer service.

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