Dassel's Petroleum: Kicks you when you're down

Originally posted 2008-03-15 08:41:55 -0800 on www.lompicocc.org


I’ve been unemployed for several months and having trouble paying for my Dassel’s service.

In order to avoid running my bill up further I sent them a letter explaining my situation. I also asked that they put my account on will-call (Don’t deliver any propane unless I call and request it) and I would pay off my bill as I was able. In the meantime I would run off small bottles (Like the kind you use with your BBQ or travel trailer) which I would take to have filled as needed. I also sent them a partial payment of $150 (aproximately a quarter of what I owed), to show my sincerity and which I couldn’t really afford.

Evidently this wasn’t good enough for them so they came out to lock off my tank. This was no big deal as the tank had been empty for over a month. However, when they found that out they also removed the regulator to prevent me from even using my little tanks.

This action has done nothing for Dassel’s but generate ill will. Letting me continue to use the regulator costs Dassel’s NOTHING and doesn’t increase my bill any since the tank and regulator rental is charged on a yearly cycle. It is clearly an INTIMIDATION tactic specially since they left the tank, which is worth much more than the regulator. They just want to deprive me of the capability to use any propane, from any source.

It doesn’t get me a job and I still don’t have the money to bring my account up to date.

What I do have is a 2 year old and a 7 year old, both currently home sick with the flu in a house that I can’t heat because of Dassel’s pettiness.

So, instead of being out looking for a job I get to spend several days trying to find, and spending money I can’t afford to spend, another regulator so I can provide heat, hot water and food to my family.


Based on their helpfulness to me as a non-customer I would recommend Suburban or Amerigas (In that order).

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